Take a HAYRIDE like never before...
"I have AIDS and I have found The
HAYRIDE to be a wonderful warm
family, with lots of good feelings."
          - Pam
"This group is one of the reasons I'm
still around. It's given me the motivation
to keep my act together."
          - Dave C.
"As parents we still receive love,
understanding and support...
years after Lowell's death."
          - Pat & Stan

The Famous Support Group Founded by Louise L. Hay
Continuing to Help People Affected by HIV/AIDS, or Just the Affects of Life Since 1985
Formerly facilitated by Stuart Altschuler, MFT from 1992-2007.
For information, call (707) 786-9727

What is The Hayride?
What does The Hayride believe in?
What can The Hayride do for me?
What is the history of The Hayride?
Who is welcome to paticipate?
Where is The Hayride held?

A Quote from the Hayride Founder, Louise L. Hay:"I have been watching Stuart's work for some time and I am impressed with his integrity, his knowledge and his enormous heart. It is his heart that enables him to do his work with such compassion and understanding. From rebirthing, to running The Los Angeles Center For Living, to courageously going to Russia to help fight AIDS there, he is first class all the way. You are all in good hands." - Louise L. Hay

What is The Hayride?

The Hayride is the longest continuously running support group for people dealing with HIV/AIDS and other and other life challenging issues, in the United States. The Hayride continues to encourage everyone to shed their fear, anger and frustration, while using self-love and dignity to confront the challenges of HIV and AIDS. This is a support group for people AFFECTED by HIV and AIDS. That means those personally infected with HIV, as well as their parents, family, and friends.

What does The Hayride believe in?

We support everyone in their search to improve the quality of their lives. This group is not a replacement for medical treatment. It is an addition to whatever other treatment you may be getting.

We are not here to play "Ain't it Awful"! We are here to do everything we can to empower ourselves in all areas of our lives.

We believe in the dignity of all people and do our best to practice unconditional Love. We believe in the power of our words and thoughts and try to choose those thoughts and words that best serve us.

We believe in the power of releasing resentment and in the power of Forgiveness. We believe in letting go of pain and experiencing the magnificence of our own being. And most of all, WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF LOVE.

What can The Hayride do for me?

The Hayride provides an opportunity to collect HIV/AIDS information and publications, learn about community events, and share in the strength and experience of a group which has approached the AIDS epidemic with LOVE, DIGNITY, AND COMPASSION.

What is the history of The Hayride?

Louise L. Hay, a pioneer in support for and by people living with HIV/AIDS, founded The Hayride in 1985. Stuart facilitated the HIV support group from 1992 until his move to Humboldt County CA in 2007. He is a well-known psychotherapist and rebirther. Stuart's goal is to heal the pain of old behavior patterns through psychotherapeutic processing. He believes that The Hayride is unique because it, "combines very practical needs for support with LOVE, COMPASSION, AND A SPIRITUAL CONNECTION."

Who is welcome to participate?

All are welcome to join. The meetings are free to participants, although a donation or Love offering is suggested for those who can afford it.

Where is The Hayride held?

Still meets in LA every 3rd Wednesday of each month
Contact Stuart Altschular for new contact information or new facilitator in Los Angeles.

(707) 786-9727

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