Past Project: The International AIDS Project

The International AIDS Project was an international charity foundation established in December 1993 in the United States of America by the pioneer of non-governmental AIDS movement in Russia Stuart Altschuler. In the past the foundation had 3 officially registered National Coordinating Boards in the USA, Canada and Russia. At present, the charity is inactive.
Current contact address:


Tel: (1-707) 786-9727
Fax: (1-707) 786-9848
Contact Person: Stuart Altschuler

Mission Statement: to mobilize international support and assistance to help people of the North-Western Russia and the Baltic States to confront their emerging AIDS/STD epidemic and slow the spread of HIV-infection.

Main Areas of Activity:
education and prevention of AIDS and STD information on sexual health and healthy life styles research on sexuality, living conditions and psychology of the affected and afflicted community as well as PLWHAs themselves counseling and the organizational development of self-help groups establishing and maintaining the international relations between foreign ASOs and Russian governmental and non-governmental organizations active in the AIDS related sphere fund raiser, expertise and exchange of the example of good practice

Acitivities having great public impact:
Mobilization of diplomatic journalist community of Saint Petersburg to counteract the discriminating provision for all foreigners coming to Russia to be tested mandatory provided by draft of a National Law on AIDS - December 1994 Training seminar for gay outreach peers jointly with the Rotterdam Municipal Health Authority - April 1995 Training workshop for people with HIV/AIDS on organization and running the self-help groups jointly with the Scotland Branch of the Body Positive (UK) and Ron Wichman Huis (Netherlands) - October 1995 Organizational help to the establishment and registration of two self-help groups in the North-West Russia - Phoenix and the Inter-Regional Society of PLWHAs - October 1995 - October 1996 Biggest in Russia supply of free condoms and lubricants to PLWHAs, gay and bisexual men, youth and discos - since 1995 currently Social Survey of Men Living with HIV/AIDS - December 1995 - May 1996 Organization of the Candle Light Memorial jointly with governmental and non-governmental ASOs and City Administration in Saint Petersburg - May 1996 Participation in organizing the WHO Office for Europe Project "Health in Prisons", formation of joint venture serving as the regional communication center for the Project - the International Charity Foundation for Health Promotion in Prisons - together with the Central Department of Interior of Saint Petersburg - 1995 onwards Issuing and spreading the Russian version of MCAP AIDS Newsletter - 1995 onwards

Current Projects:
AIDS and STD prevention in prisons gay outreach helping in the editing the only respected and reliable magazine on AIDS in the CIS countries produced by Professor Asa Rakhmanova - since 1995 the only comprehensive and computerized library on AIDS and STD in the North-West Russia - since 1996

Project Nightlight

About Project Nightlight

There are people dying in their homes, hospice or hospital with no one at their bedside to care. Others have family, friends, and neighbors who do care, but lack the knowledge and emotional resources that would enable them to be there. Project Nightlight was created to address this heartbreaking problem. Our mission, simply stated, is "No one need die alone."
Stuart Altschuler has served as a member of the Board of Directors, 1993-1997.


Past Member of City of West Hollywood Sister City/Friendship Program.

Current member of Humboldt County Human Rights Commission, since July, 2007.

Currently Associate Faculty at College of the Redwoods Community College, Eureka, CA.
Crisis Intervention Counselor.

Ordained Minister Universal Light Church: have performed Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Holy Unions, Memorials, and Funerals. Contact Me for references and availablity.

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